Top Christian stories of 2014

These are the top viewed stories on my blog this past year. Despite its name, my blog is not only about Tennessee news. We live in a time when things happening in the Middle East, etc., affect us here in the Volunteer State, so I blog about national and world news as well. This blog is a part-time effort that I work on as time allows, so I don’t keep up with everything piece of important news; so the stories here are not anywhere near comprehensive.

With those caveats, here are the top stories by views (in order) on my site in 2014:

1.The son of Craig and Janet Parshall dies. (Craig is an attorney and official at the National Religious Broadcasters. Janet runs “In the Market,” a Christian news talk show.)

2.“Noah” movie is not Christian/Judaic in nature; it uses heretical Gnostic and Kabbalah theology. It is very anti-Biblical.

3.“The Song” movie mirrors real life for actor-musician Alan Powell of the Anthem Lights band.

4.Christian prophet Bob Jones dies.

5.HGTV joins gay lobby, silences Benham brothers and cancels “Flip it Forward.”

6.National Sword of the Lord Conference July 21-25, 2014.

7.Ken Ham calls ‘Noah’ movie paganistic and evil.

8.iPhone’s Siri App Predicts the End of the World? It’s Sunday, July 27, 2014; possibly connected to Ramadan. (BTW, Siri was wrong!)

9.Nun who gave birth in Italy ‘unaware of pregnancy’.

10.Satan statue design for Oklahoma state capital unveiled.

In 2014, top issues affecting American Christians included the rise of ISIS and the accelerating level of hatred toward Christianity in the West. The government is joining forces with atheists and other humanists to further push God out of the public square. Our very right to proclaim the Gospel is in danger. Having faith means living that faith out and supporting biblical marriage. And the atheistic impulse is combining with a rise of people here identifying with Islamic teachings to create homegrown terror. The flood of illegal immigrants opens the doors to infiltration by Islamic extremists. Though not widely reported, the gunman who murdered two NYPD officers was Muslim; the officers were non-white, despite the claims of black-white race relations being the reason for the shooting.

But our situation in America is not yet anywhere near that of Christians around the globe. ISIS is the greatest evil to emerge in the 21st century as of this time. The atrocities they are committing against Christians and other non-Muslims are something out of the Middle Ages. Christians are being driven out of Iraq and Syria, two of the oldest places for Christian existence. Christians continue to suffer in Iran, India, China, North Korea and so many other places.

But don’t despair. We may be heading toward the end times, but Jesus has already won the victory. The devil continues to make a mess of the world, but he has lost the war. More Americans than ever identify as pro-life as the horrors of abortion become apparent to more people. Jesus is on the move. For Christians, we are charged with sharing the Gospel and living lives of discipleship with a sense of joy. We must continue to be the salt and the light of the world. Amen.


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