High school students give to needy classmates

The Christmas spirit of giving from the heart is alive and well at Cookeville (Tennessee) High School, the Herald-Citizen reports.

“…These kids truly care about one another,” Cindy Winchester, administrative assistant, said. “They have good hearts; these are good kids that go to school here that care about one another, and who want what’s best for one another.”

Last week, 22 CHS students received gifts that were provided through an outreach program which has remained nameless until now that has been in place at the school for around 15 years. Each year, gifts that are purchased with fundraised or donated money are given to a group of students whose names are submitted to the program. Every student given a gift remains anonymous to everyone except Winchester, who oversees the event.

“It is a program where we reach out to those kids at our school, not only needy kids but kids who have been through something traumatic,” Winchester said. And while the majority of students receiving gifts are in need, “we let the kids know that it’s not necessarily because you’re in need, but it’s because someone else asked us to do this,” she added.

via Spirit of giving alive at CHS.


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