Chick-fil-A beats McDonald’s for children satisfaction

Sandelman & Associates, a market research and consulting company specializing in fast food restaurants, interviews more than 100,000 customers of such eateries each year. It asks them to rate chains they’ve patronized in the past three months on 16 attributes of customer satisfaction, including overall appeal to children, the Daily Signal reports.

In June, researchers found that Chick-fil-A satisfied 83 percent of customers on “overall appeal to kids,” edging out McDonald’s at 79 percent.

Beverly Cain, senior vice president of operations at Sandelman & Associates, attributed some of that success to Chick-fil-A’s focus on family values rooted in its founder’s evangelical Christian faith.

“They are a chain that has long been known for its family values, so parents feel good about supporting Chick-fil-A,” Cain told The Daily Signal.

via How Chick-fil-A’s Family Values Keep Kiddies Satisfied.


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