Colorado Teen Sues School for Banning Prayer Gathering During Free Period

Attorneys representing a Christian teenager in Colorado have filed a legal challenge on behalf of the student after he and other students were prohibited from meeting to sing, pray and discuss religious topics during their free period, Christian News Network reports. Alliance Defending Freedom is representing him.

Pine Creek High School Senior Chase Windebank had been leading the group for the past three years during what is called the “seminar” period at the school. According to reports, on Mondays and Wednesdays, students are allowed to leave the class after the first fifteen minutes of the period, and students with a passing grade may also do so on Fridays.

But in late September, Pine Creek Assistant Principal Jim Lucas contacted Windebank and advised that he must discontinue the practice due to the “separation of church and state.” ADF then sent a letter to the school and district about the matter, and received a response from district attorney Patricia Richardson, who asserted that the period was rather not a free period but considered instructional time.


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