Amendment 1 opponents sue, want vote invalidated

Opponents of Amendment 1 are asking a federal judge to void the vote that amended the Tennessee Constitution to make it easier for lawmakers to restrict abortions, the Tennessean reports.

Pro-death plaintiffs filed the lawsuit Friday in federal court.

The plaintiffs want the judge to order the state to count only those Amendment 1 votes where the voters also cast ballots for governor. If that is impossible, they want the vote voided.

(S0, in other words, the national abortion industry threw millions of dollars at the Tennessee election and still lost. Now, they want activist judges to throw out the legitimate votes from you and me. This would invalidate my vote, as I did not vote for governor. There was a push by some conservatives to skip the governor vote to double down on the amendments votes due to the way the state law is set up. It’s unclear if this would invalidate people’s votes for the other three amendments, but I could see that happening. This is a dirty scheme to disenfranchise thousands of votes. Make no mistake, abortion is a huge business, one that requires the murder of babies and the selling of lies to desperate women, who are used and then discarded after they pay up.)


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