Tea Party Gets Votes, Republicans Get Glory

(Tea Party) – Tea Party is the unsung hero of the 2014 Republican tsunami that swept Republicans into office and Democrats out the door, TeaParty.org reports.

The recent election has brought many surprises to the political landscape, and Democrats unaware of the power of the grassroots were ill-prepared for the wall of resistance which flooded the electorate. Republican candidates worked hard, spent the money and followed their game plan, but the real muscle behind their victories were the tens of millions of voters who turned out not only to cast  votes, but to echo a resounding repudiation of the socialist liberal agenda.

Every major television network carried the Republican victory speeches and the smiling face of Karl Rove. A plethora of good-old-boy backslapping and handshaking was forefront and shown to be the main course on the menu, but the word “Tea Party” was only whispered off-camera and behind the scenes.



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