Tulis: Amendment 2 gives judicial branch to state’s political elites

By David Tulis


(This article reflects the opinions of David Tulis of Nooganomics.)

Tennesseans should not be snookered by the political establishment’s power grab in Amendment 2.

The constitutional revision is a concession you are asked to give to the legal and political elites in Nashville. It is presented in a flier this week in a deceptive way as a measure that protects a right, yet really it is a surrendering of a right.

[The Tulis short list: Shaun Crowell for governor (constitution party), yes on Amendment 1 (babies), No on 2 (judges), yes on 3 (forbid an income tax), yes on 4 (veterans groups fundraising by raffle).]

The grandees such as former federal Sen. Fred Thompson propose that you give up your right to elect judges, and accept instead an illegality that has been imposed on the people since 1971. That is a system whereby appeals court judges are put on the bench by the governor with nods from the legislature.

What we’re told

Crony politicians say the amendment “adds new checks and balances” so appellate judges “are more accountable to the rule of law and the people of Tennessee.” Voting yes “strengthens the voice of Tennesseans in selecting our appellate court judges, so we get fair and impartial judges held accountable to the people of Tennessee.”

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