They are lying about Amendment 2

Sumner United for Responsible Government

I get upset when I hear politicians say things I know to be a lie, so when I heard Fred Thompson on the radio say that Amendment 2 would protect my right to vote for judges, I almost drove off the road.  If Amendment 2 passes, it will only be because countless voters were tricked into voting yes because they were told it preserves judicial elections when really it eliminates them.

Amendment 2 forever takes away the right of Tennesseans to vote for state Supreme Court judges by deleting the line from our constitution that reads “The judges of the Supreme Court shall be elected by the qualified voters of the state.” Amendment 2 will replace judicial elections with a process in which the governor appoints judges, who are confirmed by the legislature, and then face only a retention election at some future date.

A brazen group of politicians and…

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