Just Rise Up for Jesus


Tennessee Christian News

A new book by Thomas Nelson Publishers invites women to “Just Rise Up!” and put Jesus first.

“Just Rise Up! A Call to Make Jesus Famous” is the latest in the InScribed series, a study series written by women for women. The author is Sarah Francis Martin, a wife and mother from North Carolina.

“This book is a call to encourage women to get up off the couch of complacency and make Jesus famous in every square inch of their lives, to live a life of praise and kingdom perspective and God’s agenda for us,” Martin told me recently during an interview. “Make Jesus the center in your sphere of influence.”

As you can tell, Martin is an artist of words. She also is an artist, at least on an amateur status, when it comes to painting.

“I like to just mess around with paint,” she said. “It’s a way to be creative. There’s no pressure to sell. You could call me a wannabe artist. The more I do the art, the more enriched my writing is.”

Psalm 145

“Just Rise Up!” is based on Psalm 145, which appears throughout the book. In the psalm, David tells the reader to be the generation to praise God, she said. Her book goes through Psalm 145 verse by verse. Martin said the psalm is important to her and her walk with Jesus, as well as her work to “make Jesus famous.”

“It is my hope that by the end of this book we each will live a life that reflects daily praise of Jesus,” Martin writes in her book. “This concept of living a life of praise prepares us nicely as we Rise Up! For when we turn our focus and adoration outward and upward toward Jesus, we step out of ourselves and our self-focused perspective.”

Practical tips

“I invite the reader to do life differently,” Martin said. “Make the hard decisions to not be selfish. The book provides practical ways in each chapter. Each chapter reflects my heart for interacting with Scriptures and the Lord.”

Like all the InScribed books, “Just Rise Up!” provides practical, hands-on methods to work on your Christian formation. Martin encourages readers to keep a journal, and she provides journal prompts throughout the book.

“Use your senses like touch with writing and reading aloud,” she said.


The journal does not have to be fancy, she said — she uses a composition book from the dollar store.

Real people

Martin also features real conversations she had with friends, either online or in person. The friends featured all “exemplify the ‘Rise Up!’ in their lives, so I can trust their words with my readers. Each conversation brought up a new idea to me. It really enriched the book.” There are also places for your notes. There also are conversation starters.

“Just Rise Up!” is Martin’s second book. Her first was “Stress Point: Thriving Through Your Twenties In A Decade of Drama.” But “Just Rise Up!” is for women of all ages. Martin adds in her book that “Just Rise Up!” is not for women who “have it all together and live a perfect faith. It is not for those who already have the Bible figured out to the letter. If you are a woman who loves Jesus … and craves something bigger than yourself, then Just Rise Up! is for you.

InScribed series

InScribed is the first study line of its kind for Thomas Nelson, one of the leading inspirational publishers in the world. The publisher launched InScribed last spring.

The series is inspired by Proverbs 3:3 and encourages women to thrive and to immerse themselves in Jesus. Each book speaks to the modern lives of women with a biblical worldview. The books are great for studying the Bible, but read easily like stories and incorporate such elements as reflections, biblical illustrations and reflective questions. Two more InScribed books are being released this fall as well. For more information, go to inscribedstudies.com.


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