Romanian Baptist pastor visits Tennessee

Truley Ponder and Alex Ghita
Truley Ponder and Alex Ghita


Tennessee Christian News

SHELBYVILLE — The breakfast crowd at a local diner on Wednesday had an international flavor.

Alex Ghita, a Baptist pastor from Romania, was there for breakfast — his third visit to the diner in four days. Romania has McDonald’s restaurants, but nothing similar to a Huddle House, Ghita said. This is his first visit to the United States.

Ghita was eating breakfast with Truley Ponder, who said he teaches Sunday School at Midland Heights Baptist Church. Ghita has been visiting with Midland Heights and leaves today to visit North Carolina, where he will preach, and to and to an organization in Virginia that works with Gypsies. Midland Heights worked with Ghita’s church by delivering shoes and other items to orphans.

The men were going to visit shut-in church members after breakfast, Ponder said. Ghita said he visited with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Community High School on Tuesday.

Ghita said he works with a seminary and a school in Romania that helps Gypsy, or Roma, students. The school is called Gypsy Smith School.

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