Unholy alliance: Planned Parenthood, liberal clergy call for right to kill children

Once again, some clergy are hanging out with Planned Parenthood, united for a cause that surely opposes God’s cause for life, Live Action News reports.

Held at Evergreen Presbyterian Church (PC-USA, a supporter of abortion) in Memphis , TN, the event opposing the upcoming ballot Amendment 1, a pro-life amendment, was attended by varying clergy who argue that women should have the choice to kill.

But somehow this is offensive to a variety of Tennessee clergy, including about 40 who joined a Democratic politician and Planned Parenthood of Greater Memphis to say this amendment is opposing the rights of people to, essentially, choose death.

One minister even said opposing the amendment was part of her faith. Rev. Rosalyn Nichols, of Freedom’s Chapel Christian Church, told The Commercial Appeal “one of the reasons she opposes the amendment is that she believes every woman knows what is best for her body without the influence of politicians.”

via Planned Parenthood finds clergy to help them oppose Tennessee pro-life amendment | Live Action News.


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