Tennessee: 27 inmates baptized at Bradley County Jail

Saturday, Pastor Cy Harris of North Cleveland Church of God broke the traditional mold of baptism and brought it to those who couldn’t participate via the norm. Harris took baptism to 27 inmates of the Bradley County Jail, the Cleveland Daily Banner reports.

Harris has been leading a Bible study at the jail for five years now, and baptism had weighed on his mind.

“It’s biblically written, Matthew 18:19, ‘Go and make disciples, baptizing them,’” he quoted, “But I haven’t taught on it to these guys because … I thought, ‘Why talk about it (baptism) if they can’t go through with it?’”

Then, there was a changing of the guard, Sheriff Eric Watson was elected and Harris soon felt a prompting within.

“The Lord laid it on my heart… and I asked him [Watson], and he said ‘absolutely.’”

With the help of Senior Pastor Mitch Maloney and the North Cleveland Church of God, Watson and the Cleveland Fire Department, Harris was able to heed the call.

via Cleveland Daily Banner – 27 inmates baptized at Bradley County Jail.


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