Column: God’s hand was there in wreck


smashed versa

This is my column about a serious car wreck I had on Aug. 25. It ran originally in the Times-Gazette.

God is good, and He is present with us.

While we don’t see seas parting or bushes burning, God is active in this world.

Don’t believe me? Just look at the photo of my old car.

This Nissan Versa was my mode of mobility until recently.

I was driving to work from Murfreesboro like any other morning. On U.S. 231 in Christiana, a black sedan pulled right out in front of me from a side street. He was trying to cross over to head to Murfreesboro. He must not have been paying attention, because, oops, I was nearly on top of him when he pulled out.

He was able to walk around after the accident, and he checked on me. I stayed in the car because I was in pain — and stunned.

The many witnesses who pulled over included a Rutherford County EMT supervisor and an off-duty firefighter. That is no coincidence.

There were two nice ladies who also helped, one of whom prayed over me.

Although I went to the hospital for a check up, I was OK. I’m still here, writing stories and making corny jokes. (My Facebook post with this photo of the car said “A smashing time.”)

I didn’t hear voices in my head, but I knew God was with me that morning. Sometimes God does talk to us through the whisper of the Holy Spirit, but more often He speaks through the presence of the people around us and the love and service they show us. God knows what we need before we even know it. The New Testament refers to such people as Jesus’ hands and feet because they carry out His work.

I could have been hurt more seriously. Yes, the car’s safety features protected me, but I believe God did as well.

I’m not saying I deserved protection more than someone else. No one deserves to be hurt or die in a wreck. I cannot say why God protected me other than He has more in store for me, as I’ve survived other situations before the wreck.

The Lord does work modern day miracles. I’m living proof.

via Shelbyville Times-Gazette: Column: Jason Reynolds: God’s hand was there.


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