Old West children’s book will delight


Tennessee Christian News

Sword of the Lord Publishers provides a wealth of evangelical reading materials for people of all ages. One of its latest titles is for children, but adults should enjoy reading it as well.

“Jed Cartwright and the Lost Gold Mine.” This book by Ed Dunlop is the second of a series of children’s books focusing on a Western boy named, well, Jed Cartwright.

Jed and his brother Nathan travel with Pa Cartwright to the Colorado Territory and learn of a gold mine that has been lost for more than 30 years. The boys set out to find the mine but discover that someone else knows the location — someone who will kill to protect the secret.

The book is full of thrilling adventures sure to delight children who love the Old West. Jed braves not only bandits but a schoolyard bully who makes fun of his being an adopted child. Jed’s dog, Wolf, is his loyal companion throughout the story.

During their adventures, Jed and Nathan even share the Gospel with a friend.

Ed Dunlop is a children’s evangelist whose numerous books are popular with young people and adults alike, according to his profile on Amazon.com. As an evangelist, he conducts Family Crusades in local churches, presents teacher-training seminars, speaks at junior camps, and conducts visualized drug and alcohol awareness programs in public elementary and junior high schools. His ministry involves ventriloquism, Gospel magic, blacklight effects and a variety of other visual media.

Dunlop and his wife Elma live in Ringgold, Georgia. More information on his books is available at http://dunlopministries.com.

“Lost Gold Mine” is illustrated in both color and black and white by David Miles. The MSRP is $9.95. The length is 177 pages.

The book is available at http://swordbooks.com.


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