‘The Song’ movie mirrors real life for actor-musician

Editor’s note, Sept. 20, 2014: This movie will be released Friday, Sept. 26, 2014. I attended a red carpet premiere yesterday night. To read more, check out the links at the end of the story. Or, do a keyword search in the search fields on this blog site. I watched the movie last night, and it was an excellent adaptation of the Song of Solomon. It can definitely stand up to mainstream, secular films, and it carries such an important message for families. Thanks for reading this!


Tennessee Christian News

A Christian musician says that his leading role in the film “The Song” mirrors real life to an extent.

Alan Powell said his character Jed King in “The Song” is an up-and-coming singer who starts traveling and has to leave his famiy behind, leading to temptation.

“I told my wife, while watching the screening, that where he fights with his wife about being gone a lot, and about his response, that while filming the scene, I wasn’t acting,” Powell said. “I spend a lot of time on the road. I was able to draw from a lot of personal experience.”

Jed and Rose from “The Song”

The film, by City on a Hill Productions, is scheduled for release at a date to be announced in the fall.

In the movie, King meets Rose, a vineyard owner’s daughter, and gets married. Soon afterward, he writes his wife a song titled “The Song,” which becomes a huge hit. His quick rise to fame leads to temptations and takes a toll on his marriage.

The movie is a modern day re-telling of the story of Solomon, Powell said. It deals with issues that are timeless: the existence of God, the meaning of life and family.

“These things are still very relevant in our lives,” Powell said. “The idea translates into a modern film in a way that is simple and artistic. I’m really excited about the meaning and the inspiration. The story is about what that sort of success can do to you and the temptation and the focus of time and energy on material things or things we believe really matter, which is family and faith.

“This film can stand on its own from a quality perspective,” he said. “It can compete and exist in the realm of secular films.”

Acting is a new role for Powell, who is lead singer for Anthem Lights, whose cover songs have been favorites on Ryan Seacrest’s site. Anthem Lights recently released a new album, “You Have My Heart.” The release is their “sophomore” album.

Powell, a native of Florida, met his wife there. The couple lives in the Sunshine State and has two children, ages 3 years and 11 months. Powell is the son of a pastor and grew up in the church. Although he is new to acting, films are the media that move him the most. He formed a lasting friendship with “The Song’s” writer and director, who sees the world in the same way.

“I love his point of view on things and I respect his opinion artistically and personally.”

“The Song” also stars Kyle Idleman (author of “not a fan”), Ali Faulkner (“Twilight: Breaking Dawn”) and Caitlin Nicol-Thomas (“Nashville”).

View the trailer at http://www.thesongfilm.com.


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