Be quiet! Don’t talk during worship, the sermon and the prayer

It’s a good thing my wife and I took a trip to the country today. If I had written this post just after church, it would be snarky because I was ticked off. Now, I’ve had all day to calm down.

If you want to have a discussion with your family, there are plenty of appropriate times and settings. Doing so during church service is not the time or setting.

My wife and I missed service the last couple weeks because we had the crud. We were looking forward to church today. The worship team had just started singing a Robbie Seay song, my wife’s favorite. Then, “Yack, yack, yack!” Two middle age ladies and a teen girl had sat behind us and started talking OVER the music. Mind you, this is an auditorium with a six or seven person worship team and acoustics.

Later, the father showed up and joined the conversation. He was one of the ushers!

I kept looking over my shoulder staring at them. They didn’t get the point. They kept talking during the pastor’s sermon. I looked back and said “You’re being loud.” My wife said I was not loud at all. I must have conveyed the message because they talked at a lower volume. But they still distracted us. I think the pastor probably had a good message, on the patriarchs and good/bad parenting, something my wife and I wanted to hear. But I didn’t take much away because I was distracted constantly.

Oh, and the conversation continued even during the closing prayer.


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