"Killing Jesus" premieres Palm Sunday, March 29, on National Geographic Channel.

“Killing Jesus” premieres Palm Sunday, March 29, on National Geographic Channel.


Coming soon: The life story of Navy SEAL Ryan Job




My online journal will provide news with a Christian worldview. My emphasis is providing news of interest to Christians in Tennessee, but I will provide national and world news as well. I ALSO PROVIDE NEWS ON CHRISTIAN BOOKS, MOVIES AND MUSIC.

I started this Christian news site to fill a need I perceived to be missing — applying journalistic reporting to the Christian scene around the state. I pray for God to bless this ministry.


I was baptized in June 2009 after knowing about Jesus but not knowing Jesus. As a messed up person following a perfect creator, I am still on a quest to learn about my savior. I am nondenominational, although I attend a Methodist church. I believe in the Trinity. I believe in the Nicene Creed. Jesus is the co-creator, the son of God, begotten, not made, of one Being with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Jesus is the only way to salvation.

I’m a reporter at a Middle Tennessee community newspaper. I love writing, the art of crafting words together in unique ways to make beautiful stories that people want to consume.

I live in Murfreesboro but am a native of East Tennessee. My undergrad degree is from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville: Go Vols! I have a degree from Bryan College as well.

My freelance work includes editing a real estate investment book and writing online training materials for small-business owners. I have finished writing a memoir, “My Heart Attack Adventure.” There’s a great story there about faith, discipleship and, yes, a heart attack. Keep checking back for updates.

-Jason Reynolds


  1. Deborah says:

    I met Jason Reynolds at the NRB show and would like to send him a thank you note. Can you please send me an address? Thank you so much, Deborah Buckingham


  2. haleywherry says:

    Are you aware of the Tennessee Day of Prayer Over Students this Sunday?

    I have a press release I can email.



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