I am not currently scheduling interviews. I will remove this note once that changes. Thank you.


My online journal provides news with a Christian worldview. My emphasis is providing news of interest to Christians in Tennessee, but I provide national and world news as well. I ALSO PROVIDE NEWS ON CHRISTIAN BOOKS, MOVIES AND MUSIC. Posts do not necessarily constitute endorsement; they mean I think you will find the topic interesting.

I started this Christian news site to fill a need I perceived to be missing — applying journalistic reporting to the Christian scene around the state. I pray for God to bless this ministry.


I was baptized in June 2009 after knowing about Jesus but not knowing Jesus. As a messed up person following a perfect creator, I am still on a quest to learn about my savior and to become more like Him. I am nondenominational, although I attend a Methodist church.

I believe in the Trinity. I believe in the Nicene Creed. Jesus is the co-creator, the son of God, begotten, not made, of one Being with the Father and the Holy Spirit. He was fully man and fully God. Jesus is the only way to salvation. That is what He said.

I believe God is love. He loved the world so much He gave His only son up to be crucified for my sins, for everyone’s sins, as an atonement. I love everyone. God created them and they are made in God’s image. All people have worth for this reason, whether they are an unborn child, a convicted murderer, gay, an evangelical Christian, a Muslim, and so on. God is also holy. He does not tolerate sin. One day every single person will have to answer to God for his/her actions. My only defense will be my trust in Jesus.

I’m a reporter at a Middle Tennessee newspaper. I love writing, the art of crafting words together in unique ways to make beautiful stories that people want to consume.



  1. I met Jason Reynolds at the NRB show and would like to send him a thank you note. Can you please send me an address? Thank you so much, Deborah Buckingham


  2. Just checking to see if you would be interested in blogging about a new model of health care delivery, covenantal direct pay care. Physicians and patients covenant together for provision of medical care, moving insurance companies out of their controlling role. Physicians cut overhead costs and are able to spend more time with patients addressing persons as whole and in the image of God. Our clinic is providing this type of care and we are planning a website to advance the covenantal approach to healthcare. If you are interested, please contact me at smcc@postpro.net.
    Dr. Eric Potter
    Sanctuary Medical Care & Consulting


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